नवजीव्लैड में गाय को पीटने पर दो साल एक महीने कि जेल

dairy cow abuse

नवजीव्लैड में गाय को पीटने पर दो साल एक महीने कि जेल 

पूरी न्यूज़ पढ़ें : 


Dairy Farmer in New Zealand Jailed for Dairy Cow Abuse

A New Zealand dairy farmer was sentenced, this month, to two years and one month for what’s being described as “serious animal welfare offenses.”

Dairy Farmer Lourens Barend Erasmus was sentenced in connection to abuses made on his dairy cows. Specifically, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) of New Zealand discovered that Erasmus had been breaking his cows’ tails (115 of his 135 cow herd), and beat the cows with steel pipes and milking cups.


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see my blog http://worldisahome.blogspot.com/ i am in import business. i am for dairy development i believe in universal humanity. there is a free online gita learning (one to one) programme. no registration. all are welcome.
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